Starting Point

The journey really did start in Seoul - and it may have more than once. I was eight and on a business trip from my parents; they owned a Korean stationery store and I had the luxury of going to visit all of the big companies (and getting a lot of presents because I was small and cute).

Fast forward around fourteen years and I was back in Seoul again, but this time as an exchange student. I learnt a lot more about the youth culture than I did as a child, especially falling in love with Hongdae. I spent so many days in the area, taking in the night life and arts scene. I wanted to bring it home with me (and I did, in a lot of shipping boxes).

Exit 9 is a dream that I've had for a long while but never had the guts, nor motivation, to push into existence. I knew that I wanted to create something, and I knew that selling online would be my ideal platform, but I never knew what to do. The store actually went through a lot of revisions before coming to what it is now.

Exit 9 will be a mecca of Asian design.

We have our Exit 9 Originals range, which is designed by yours truly and is constantly being expanded upon. At the time of launch, there will be two inspired collections available – our Magical Girls Collection, inspired by a childhood of anime and the mahou shoujo genre, and well as our Retro Vibes Collection, which is ironically quite modern and blends a pastel aesthetic with some 90s nostalgia.

Our General Products are also constantly being refreshed to carry some of the most unique (and cutest) offerings curated directed from Asia. At the moment, products are focusing on apparel, accessories and stationery - we only keep things up if there's demand so be assured that our inventory will always be fresh and trending.

And - of course - our most unique and fun section is our Designer Spotlight! This is something that was added closer to the end of our curation process because I wanted a sustainable way of supporting independent designers - so I wanted to give them their space to sell on the Exit 9 website. Check out our designer section regularly because we will be adding in new artists and designers every month!

We have less than a month to go until launch so I hope that you will be enjoying your time shopping, and interacting, with Exit 9 in the very near future. Remember to also check back on our blog now and then because I will be posting about new releases, Asian design trends and some behind-the-scenes fun. 

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