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What is Exit 9?

Exit 9 is an online store featuring original in-house designs and independent artist collaborations, with apparel inspired by Asian trends and aesthetcs.

I am a first generation Chinese-Australian and I grew up engulfed in Asian pop culture - primarily Korean, Japanese and Chinese. That inspiration has never faded and my goal is to blend that with my creative work.

I started Exit 9 in 2020. Having an online store had been an ambition of mine but there were always so many excuses. Being in a situation where I was spending every day at home and putting extra time into my creative work (whether as a designer or content creator), I knew that I just had to take a leap.

After many sleepless nights, I am so excited to be sharing everything with you! My goal is to develop Exit 9 as a mecca of Asian design and popular trends - all the whilst maintaining an intimate and personable customer experience for you.

Why 9?

The number is significant in many parts of my life - it's my birthday and my lucky number. For Exit 9 though, I was inspired by something different: my experience as a foreign exchange student in Seoul, Korea.

When ever I return to Seoul, the must-visit place for me is always Hongdae - it's the area that surrounds Honggik University and is most well known for being a youthful arts and pop culture district. Aside from (incredible) food and nightlife, the area is also home to a lot of independent brands, designers and boutique stores.

Exit 9 is the main subway exit at Hongdae and, at almost every minute of the day, you will find the area packed full of people. There is excitement and liveliness in the very atmosphere! The main area is lined with street performers and, once you start exploring the side streets, you can find the most beautiful, quirky and trend setting designers. I have such a strong memory of Hongdae so when it came to starting this brand - it all just clicked together.

Who is the designer?

My name is Stella Thai and I'm the designer behind Exit 9. I also handle all other aspects of the business so you can be confident that you're speaking directly to me when ever you contact us.

I consider myself a multi-disciplinary creative working in a variety of fields (design, photography, content creation and music).

Outside of work, I am also an avid beauty lover (check out my beauty blog) and love to travel. My favourite places in the world are South Korea and Japan, but you will find that I'm often discovering new places and cities.

If you'd like to see more of my design work, you can also visit my design portfolio.

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